Access to Google Analytics

All Department Web Framework sites have Google Analytics installed, so that we can track the number of visits, location demographics, and usage patterns.  If you would like access to the statistics for your department, you must activate Google Apps for your UW NetID, or have a personal Google Account.

Activating Google Apps for your UW NetID

You can activate Google Apps for your UW NetID without switching to Google email.  Important: when you activate Google Apps, choose the option to leave your email settings alone (they may be set to forward to Exchange or another setting).

Go to
Login with your NetID
Look for the link in the left side that says "UW Google Apps"
Step 1 - check agree to terms box
Step 2 - no action required
Step 3 - check "No, do not change delivery setting."
Step 4 - enter name as you want it to appear

Requesting Access to the Stats

Email with your Google Account username (either the UW NetID activated above, or your preexisting personal account) and request access to Google Analytics for your department.

Viewing the Stats

To access analytics, log in at with the account you used above.  You will be able to browse a variety of statistics and reports.