Profile Fields

This table summarizes the fields available on people profile pages.  Many fields are editable only by department staff ("Profile Managers"), so you should contact your staff if you'd like to change one of these fields.  Most units have profiles of faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Field Profile Manager Faculty Staff Graduate Student
Display in department directory?  X      
UW NetID  X      
Reg ID (automatically added when UW NetID is provided)        
First Name  X      
Last Name  X      
Job Title/Position  X      
Status/Affiliation  X      
Departmental Role  X      
Pronouns  X  X  X  X
Email  X  X  X  X
Phone  X  X  X  X
Office  X  X  X  X
Office Hours  X  X  X  X
Education  X  X  X  X
Narrative Biography  X  X  X  X
Additional Courses  X  X  X  X
Websites  X  X  X  X
Full CV (PDF)  X  X  X  X
Home Department  X  X  X  X
Affiliated Departments  X  X  X  X
Professional Affiliations  X  X  X  X
General Fields of Study  X  X  X  X
Specific Fields of Study  X  X  X  X
Photo (some sites restrict editing)  X  X  X  X
Featured Work/Media (audio/video, some sites)  X  X  X  X
Area of Study (Music only)  X      
Class Year (Drama and Art only)  X      
Area or Program (Drama only)  X      
School of Drama Productions (Drama only)  X      
On Job Market (some sites)  X      
Division (Art only)  X      
Alumni Division (Art only)  X      
Alumni Degree (Art only)  X      
Creative Work (images, Art only)  X