Template: Undergraduate Programs

What is [field/department name]?

[2-4 sentences explaining what the field is about and what experiences students have while studying in this program. Briefly describe significant subfields if there are multiple majors or tracks in this program.]

Why study [field/department name]?

[2-4 sentences OR 5-8 bullet points explaining what makes the department distinctive and what career paths alumni follow. Use “key themes” questions below to brainstorm ideas.]

What programs do we offer for undergraduates?

How do you major in [field/department name]?

[1-2 sentences giving an overview of the admissions process for this department. State whether the major is open, minimum requirements, or capacity-constrained. Follow with links to information for specific applicant groups.]

How do you meet with a [field/department name] adviser?

Template Notes

Examples of Similar Format

Key Messages to Consider

The College of Arts & Sciences provides a liberal arts education in a research university with rich opportunities to explore our cultural and natural worlds. Our students learn to think rationally, creatively and critically; to communicate clearly, correctly, and persuasively; to gather and interpret data; and to engage the arguments of others with understanding and respect. These skills and intellectual attributes form the foundation for a lifetime of learning and a thriving democracy. We prepare our students for success in an increasingly diverse society.

Key Themes:

  • What makes [Department] distinctive at the University of Washington? (i.e. outstanding classes, national rankings, exceptional teachers, unique experiences)
  • What research, co-curricular programs, opportunities for creative expression and/or special projects are available to students?
  • How does [Department] utilize Seattle and the Puget Sound region as a place to learn/study? (internships, community partners, learning laboratories, case studies, coursework)
  • How does [Department] collaborate with other units within the College or throughout the University? (interdisciplinary courses, opportunities for double majoring)
  • What career/graduate school preparation programs are available? Does the department have any metrics about placement rates in careers, industries, grad schools worth sharing?
  • How does [Department] create a diverse and inclusive community?

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