Launch Plan

These are the recommended steps to announce and promote your new Department Web Framework site:



  • Set launch date in consultation with A&S Web Team.
  • Inform faculty and grad students of launch date; invite them to preview the site and update their profiles by specific deadline.
  • (Optional) Web specialist attends faculty meeting to introduce them to the site.

Day of launch:

A&S Web Team

  • Enable caching and performance optimizations
  • Submit new site to search engines for indexing
  • Update link on College’s website and in departments database


  • Redirect traffic from old site to new (A&S Web Team will assist)
  • Backup old site offline and remove from server (A&S Web Team will assist)

Day after launch:

A&S Web Team

  • Check error logs to confirm that redirects are working

A&S Marketing & Communications Team

  • Announce new site on social media
  • Update links on Fact Sheet


  • Announce new site to your mailing lists
  • Announce new site on social media
  • Update links on email signatures, social media profiles, electronic letterhead and documents
  • Listing Coordinator updates link in UW Office Directory (contact if you're not sure who that is)

Post launch:


  • Remember to send help requests to
  • Mention new site in upcoming newsletters and other departmental communications
  • Update links on printed materials when replenishing supplies
  • Remind your faculty and staff to update links on email signatures and personal websites