Topics Covered at Web Strategy Meetings

These are examples of the questions we discuss at meetings with the departmental web committee.  Topics can vary by department. It usually takes 6-8 meetings over 12-16 weeks to address all the questions and complete the website build.


  • What audience(s) are your top priorities?
  • What are the strengths and key attractions of your department?
  • What improvements do you hope to make by redesigning your website?

Content Strategy

  • What content belongs on the site?
  • Who is responsible for what content?
  • How will you provide content to be transferred now?
  • How will you manage the content moving forward?
  • How will you manage collateral communication tools such as event calendars, social media, and newsletters?

Information Architecture

  • Why do we use these primary sections in the navigation?
  • How will content be organized so that users can navigate it easily?
  • What categories will we use for classifying and sorting content? (fields of interest, news categories, event types, research categories)
  • How else can we help users find and explore content?

Visual Design

  • What content should be on the front page, and how should it be laid out?
  • What style (color scheme and font combination) best reflects your department?
  • What background imagery would complement the selected style and reflect your department?
  • What photos should we use for front page, default images, visual interest on content?


  • How does editing work on the new site?
  • What type of training and support will our team provide?
  • How do we launch the site?
  • What happens to the old site?
  • How do we ease faculty and students through the transition?
  • Are we complying with all applicable university guidelines? (branding, accessibility, security, privacy, records retention)