Preparing Your Website for Humanities Academic Services

The Humanities Academic Services Center (HAS) website launches on July 1. This page helps you prepare for the transition.

The Basics

General information about HAS and its website.


The URL for the Humanities Academic Services will be You can begin linking to the HAS site after June 24.


The email address for HAS is

Does your department currently have an advising email address? If so, please do one of the following:

  • If you have a departmental advising email address used exclusively for undergraduate advising, you can forward that address to the HAS starting July 1.
  • If your advising email address handles other requests, i.e. graduate advising, alumni updates, etc., then please forward your advising address to the appropriate department email account. Any undergraduate advising related requests can then be forwarded to the HAS.

Referencing the Humanities Academic Services Center

Generally, the first time you reference the center on a web page, you should use the full name, “Humanities Academic Services Center.” Subsequent references on the page may use the shorter “Humanities Academic Services.”  In some cases, it may be advisable to use the three letter HAS. Please avoid using “HASC.”

Undergraduate Advising Only

The Humanities Academic Services will serve only undergraduates. Graduate advising should be handled separately on your web site, and graduate students should not be sent to the HAS.

Updating Your Advising Page

Every unit in the Humanities has an Advising page. This page will need to be updated.

Suggested Language for Undergraduate Advising:

[Department] undergraduate advising is now served by the Humanities Academic Services Center. If you are looking to declare a major, need advice about courses, or simply want to learn more about studying [Department], please visit the Humanities Academic Services Center to get started.

Other Changes to Your Department Website

In addition to the Advising page, many departments reference advising throughout their website. If those pages link directly your Advising page, then no additional changes are needed. However, many sites also publish a link to email for advising, or link to other pages. These pages will need to be updated.

Here is a list of pages that commonly refer to advising or advisors on department sites:

  • Undergraduate program pages
  • Web Banners
  • Contact Us pages
  • Directory pages. You should change titles related to undergraduate advising or unpublish profiles if necessary.
  • Advising blogs or wikis
  • Pages related to language testing and placement

If your department uses a specific email for advising, we also recommend searching the site for that address, and making the appropriate changes.

Web Forms

Many departments use web forms for contacts and alumni updates. All inquiries about undergraduate advising can now be sent directly to HAS from the form. The web team will update your contact forms to forward undergrad advising inquiries to HAS on June 30. If you have other questions about your forms, please contact the Arts & Sciences web team at

Getting Help

General questions about the services offered by the Humanities Academic Services Center should be sent to John and his team can answer your questions.

If you have difficulties making changes to your websites, you can contact the Arts & Sciences web team at If needed, the team can also provide additional training to department staff.